We are convinced that plastics recycling needs more than just solutions. It needs a new, holistic mindset to meet the growing global demand for plastics. Together we give our all - doing something that is good for the environment as well as for consumers.
40 years ago we were already considered pioneers because of our new way of thinking. Today, we are the global market leader in plastic recycling machines and solutions. And: a driving force for the circular economy. Together with you, we are helping the cycle of reusing resources to gain a new momentum that can do great things.
The world needs people with the courage to turn what is familiar upside down in search of positive change. People who see the opportunities behind the challenges, who think around obstacles and contribute to the development of new solutions.
The diversity of individual parts resulting in an exciting whole. The decisive factor here is working together, because together we can simply achieve more! The values we share as a team create the solid foundation on which we build - today, tomorrow and in the future.

We are hiring

We are looking for people who don't just talk about changing the world - but who are actually doing it. People who, when faced with challenging situations, discover the opportunity for positive change. People who are enthusiastic about taking responsibility and want to shape the future.

Are you like that too?

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Because I care.

How big dreams turn into action when you follow your heart. Because it really does matter what we work on today.

Working in the EREMA Group

Are you yearning to make a decisive difference to tomorrow with the work you do today? As the global market leader and driving force for the circular economy, we not only share your passion, we also have the perfect team for you. Conserving environmental resources and attractive working hours are just as important to us as they are to you. We are also convinced that both play a major role!

Patrick Willenstorfer

"As long as you don't change anything, nothing will change."

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Markus Sanglhuber

"My passion is my job. I create value for humans and the environment."

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Verena Leitenmüller

"Keeping up with the times while at the same time always being one step ahead: that's what makes pioneers."

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Dominik Radman

"After hardship comes relief."

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Thomas Felberbauer

"It's better to save the world a little every day than to watch and wait."

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Fabian Springer

"When I do my best today, it's to shape a better tomorrow."

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Our variety of jobs - your opportunity for development

We are convinced that plastics recycling needs more than just solutions. It needs a new, holistic mindset to meet the growing global demand responsibly. The EREMA Group employs more than 900 people and has locations all over the world. 3S, EREMA, KEYCYCLE, PLASMAC, PURE LOOP, UMAC and plasticpreneur, as well as the Business Unit POWERFIL - this is the EREMA Group. Shared plastics recycling experience and a common goal: to drive the circular economy forward. Giving plastic products a second chance.

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What are you yearning for?

Any job is not enough for you? We have the right jobs for those who want to make a difference - no matter how small. (Our job offers are only available in German.)

No Jobs available.

The world awaits you!

Still not a lot of experience, but looking for worthwhile work? We offer everyone new to the job market the chance to complete an apprenticeship or curricular work experience internship with us. Vacation internships are also available, although the places for this year are already full.

Together we will find out what you want to do!


You want to create something meaningful, do it differently? You want to learn something new and apply it immediately? An apprenticeship with us is great for the future!

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Curricular internship

For 2022, all places for curricular work experience internships have already been taken. Whether as part of a relevant degree or your HTL education, we will be happy to accept applications for 2023 again in autumn!

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Social Benefits

A fair salary alone is not enough. We know that. How happy we are at work depends on many different aspects. There are many ways in which we express our appreciation for our employees.