The comprehensive analyses and evaluations of our materiality analysis reveal the topics that are currently key to our sustainability strategy. We are now working in small groups from different divisions of the EREMA Group on specific goals and measures relating to how we can drive positive development in the respective subject areas. Here is an insight into the area of the environment.

Circular economy

It is not just that circular economy has been deeply rooted in our DNA right from the start. It is the reason why we exist, our purpose. We develop technologies, manufacture parts, build recycling machines and design services to turn so-called waste into high-quality raw materials. We are an important driver of the global circular economy for plastics and want to make it a reality by 2030. We see it as our responsibility to lead the way as innovators in this area. In order to meet these high standards, we work in a strong network of like-minded people.

Save resources and close loops. The focus is on system integration of the entire recycling process and the integration of new material flows. Of course, avoiding and recycling our own waste also offers opportunities for a circular future.

Climate protection

Climate protection is primarily about reducing and avoiding CO2 emissions in all forms. In recent years, we have implemented several projects to reduce our corporate carbon footprint: conversion from gas to heat pump and installation of a photovoltaic system (2 x 600 kWp) at our 3S site, installation of a photovoltaic system (1.8 MW) at the St. Marien site, installation of an air heat pump and photovoltaic system (2 x 120 kWp) at our headquarters in Ansfelden, reducing emissions by implementing a new filter system on our new painting line.

We see further potential, for example, in alternative heating systems, where gas systems are currently still in use, by further expanding photovoltaic systems, by avoiding business trips - air travel in particular, and in electrifying our own vehicle fleet.

We also help our customers reduce energy consumption thanks to the innovative technologies that go into the design of our recycling machines, such as ecoSAVE® and EcoGentle®:

3D Rendering of an EREMA machine 3D Rendering of an EREMA machine

ecoSAVE® technology

Thanks to ecoSAVE® technology, which has been standard on EREMA recycling machines since the beginning of the 2010s, EREMA machines save significantly on energy and carbon emissions. The result is that they consume up to 12 percent less energy compared to previous machines. ecoSAVE® is a complete package of design and process engineering measures that increase energy efficiency. High-quality, energy-saving components such as high-performance motors, for example, and very robust insulation material in the pelletising section are used especially for this purpose.

EcoGentle® innovative plasticising technology

EcoGentle® technology was developed in 2022 and delivers a particularly gentle type of plasticisation - a central part of the entire recycling process - saving heat and energy. The technology is used primarily on large machines in the PET sector. Compared to previous EREMA PET recycling machines (which already achieved top energy efficiency figures in an industry comparison), this innovation once again saves up to 12 percent in overall energy consumption (total unit energy consumption, kWh/kg) with energy savings of up to 47 percent for the extruder drive.

Do you also have ideas or feedback relating to our sustainable development? We look forward to hearing from you:

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Quality and Sustainability Manager
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