We also practice our circular thinking in our approach to our sustainability strategy: our sustainability loop. The comprehensive analyses and evaluations reveal the topics that are currently important to us. In the areas of corporate culture, compliance, data protection and digitalisation, we are currently still working on specific goals and measures for positive development.

Corporate culture

For responsible corporate governance, we deal intensively with our corporate culture and make our mission statement and values tangible in what we do every day. Establishing a strong corporate culture is an ongoing process, but it requires planned measures to include existing and new employees.


Compliance with legal requirements is a matter of course for us. We also place a high focus on making all employees aware of legal regulations and our Code of Conduct starting on their very first day at work.

Data protection

Our measures to protect our data (including those of customers and suppliers) meet the highest requirements. In this area, too, we attach great importance to raising awareness among our employees about security risks when handling data.


We see digitalisation as a driver of innovation in order to constantly improve our processes and products and to expand our services. We see potential in this area in optimising internal processes, connecting the entire recycling process, and continuing the ongoing development of our service portal for customers.

Do you also have ideas or feedback relating to our sustainable development? We look forward to hearing from you:

Ilse Fischer-Wolfsteiner
Quality and Sustainability Manager
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